Bucks 2nd years get down & dirty at Ogilvy!

If ‘dirt’ means experience and to learn then I can say for all of us that this was a hands on dirty experience.

Our army of left-sided brains assembled to present to the longest running agency in the country, Ogilvy.  For many of us, walking out into Canary Wharf for the first time to be greeted by towering colossal buildings felt like being thrown into an industrial jungle. It was a surreal atmosphere creating a buzz in the air as we navigated our way round to number one Cabot square, with many stop, stare and drool a little moments on the way.

Communally between Googling facts about Ogilvy in fear of running into Rory Sutherland in the elevator and also contemplating how familiar the receptionist looked, our minds were certainly fidgety with excitement as we joined or tutors in the reception of the building. Who were in no means late, just arrived in style of course.

We had now made it to the elevator faced with our next perilous decision, which, we seem to have at every agency visit and never learn.. how many of the 20 or so of us could fit in at once. A cosy amount anyway.

These Hogwarts style mahogany walled elevators had a button that said Ogilvy on it. They have their own button!! All the others businesses had a mere 1-9. Wow small things aye.

The doors opened for us to see a bar, snooker, piano and other stuff that works as magnets to students, as we strutted out the elevator in a clown-esque style tumbling out of a mini car.

We met Integrated Creative Directors, Johnny and Angus, senior left-sided brains and had introductions. They had set us a top secret live brief!

They must have known nerves loomed in the air as they pointed us to the corner of what some would call ‘liquid courage’, other refreshments and nibbles.

All I can say is: Free alcohol in corner + students = new favourite agency already.

We dove into our presentations creative pair at a time to be ‘critted’ at the end.

Tutors, Queen Julie and King Bruce, chipped in along the way with their words of wisdom and support for their prodigy’s in team bucks.

Julie: ‘WELL I THINK IT’S A GREAT IDEA’ wasn’t at all biased.

Overall they were impressed with what we came up with giving great positive feedback and constructive advice. I believe we can even go as far as saying we contributed good insight towards their brief which is a very satisfactory achievement for everyone.

In fact prizes we given out. Not that we want to brag but we won Portuguese Ogilvy branded pens.

George Michael (yes that is his name) took one away for a ‘tremendous moustache’ collecting the Pen of Courage.

Joe Goodall (myself) took one away for a ‘ridiculous hair band.. also gaining the Pen for Courage. I needed a hair cut okay! #StudentProblems.

Monica Chumber and Julie-Ann Robertson took 2 away for presenting in an unfortunate order after an idea very similar idea to their own was presented just before. But, they persisted in professional fashion gaining them the Pen of Persistence.

The top 3 campaigns were awarded the coveted box of a certain washing powder for great ideas.

In 3rd was George Michael and Cameron Crowhurst.

2nd Freya Harrison and Gina Ramsden.


1st Place was taken by myself and partner Tinashe Mandimika. Along with a very kind prize bottle of bubbly!

However although it’s a cheesy line its usage is deserved in this instance… yes, ‘we are all winners’ as they’ve asked us to come back and work with them again for another workshop after Christmas. So we did something right.

After we took the opportunity to bombard them with questions of their advertising life stories and industry insight only to come to the conclusion that they are the best people ever.

At this point the odd beer or two came back to get us as everyone was giving the signal that they were bursting for the toilet, yet no one could stop asking questions. I think that’s the true test of showing the value of the experience.


Afterwards the party commenced as Bucks Ad school did what we do best and took over the agency floor as we got our mingle on. We brought them drinks to say thank you and chatted some more. This advanced to the pub with them topping off the day.

It was an enriching experience and made all of us hungrier to get into the exciting industry.

Thank you Johnny, Angus and Ogilvy for the opportunity to get down and dirty with the best of them.


Joe Goodall, 2nd year