The workshop awards – who won!

Congrats to Charlie & Emily, Charlie & Chloe, Jamie & Lucy, Joe & Max, Jordan & Libbi and Louie 7 Bradie, who were the top 6 scoring teams in this year’s Workshop Awards.

Each are awarded leading agency creatives as personal mentors. The students were judged by the work they produced for several Industry workshops – here’s the breakdown…


Jack watching the presentations…

Charlie & Chloe – Creature’s Creative Partner, Stuart Outhwaite, Charlie & Emily – 4Creative’s Jack Croft & Stacey Bird, Joe & Max – Leo Burnett’s Ben Newman & Milo Williams, Jordan & Libbi – Jay Packham and ian Cochran, Louie & Bradie – CHI’s Helen Pogerson and Jamie & Lucy – VCCP’s Creative Director, Rob Ellis.

Ben & milo

Ben & Milo offer a month long internship to Joe & Max – thank yoooooou!



Advertising graduates inspire all new students at Bucks Welcome!!!

Students enjoyed a talk and an interactive presentation from Creative Advertising graduates Adam Collins and Mark Campion, of ad agency J. Walter Thompson London, during Bucks Welcome, a week of activities and events to give students a rounded introduction to university life.

Bucks Welcome Sep 2015 042Adam and Mark, who studied at the University from 2003-2006, are part of the creative team at JWT, were put on the board in 2013, and are in charge of placements and hiring junior creatives.

The pair have won a Centurion Award from NABS, which supports people working in the advertising and media industries, for their work with students and graduates, as well as charities.

During their time studying at Bucks, the pair won  won a coveted award for students creatives from the well-respected D&AD New Blood Awards, and were hired by interactive agency Razorfish after impressing while still studying at the University.

Mark said: “The Bucks Welcome has been a great chance for us to come back to Bucks and share a little bit of our experience to hopefully inspire the students.

“We believe that if you work hard and are driven and passionate and really want it you can achieve whatever you want and be very successful.

“When we were studying at Bucks we went into London on weekends, to do work or to meet people in the industry – all to gain experience and develop connections.

“The tutors on the course put us into contact with people in the industry and we went from there. University sets the stage but you have to go out and make the most of it. Adam and I actually knew each other before we came to Bucks, we’ve studied together and now we have ended up working together and it’s all going well.”

The pair, both from the North East, have been nicknamed Ant & Dec and based their interactive presentation, “Adam & Mark’s Monday Morning Creataway”, on the programme, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, inviting students to take part.

Mark added: “It was a fun way to get some key points across about how we feel you can develop your career.” Bucks Welcome Sep 2015 028

Joe and Jake get into Cream 2015!!!

…and a big round of applause please for Joe and Jake who have just got into CREAM 2015. They’ve just graduated with well-deserved firsts. Well done boys!

A bit about CREAM…it’s an annual competition held by The Talent Business, which introduces the best graduate creative teams, and individuals worldwide, to the creative directors of the worlds’ leading advertising agencies and creative businesses. Now in its 16th year, the competition culminates in a private view, which will be held at Grey London.


‘The Bucks Books’ downstairs@mother

Bucksbooks poster

Tuesday was a fabulous night for Bucks ad students as Downstairs@Mther hosted their degree show. Lots of creatives and headhunters came along to see the work and have a drink or two! Lots of agencies were represented, besides all of Mother’s creatives turning out to see the students’ work, Saatchis, BBH, 4creative, TMW, WCRS, Kindred, Isobel, Warl, Razorfish, Brothers & Sisters, JWT, Havas Work Club, Forever Beta, Meteorite, Naked, Rapp and Grey were all there. London’s headhunters and D&AD turned out as well to see the future talent. Many thanks to all who came and a special thank you to Ben & Millie at Mother, as well, who were so pleased they’ve asked us back next year!

Oh yes – Mother’s favourite team were Gina & Freya, so a 2 month internship was offered to them on the night. As you can imagine they were over the moon!

mother montage


Campaign’s Faces to Watch 2015 – Bucks’ teams Paul & Laila and Jack & Stacey!

This week’s campaign celebrates the biggest young talent in the advertising industry – this year Karmarama creative team, Laila Milborrow & Paul Pearson and 4Creative team, Stacey Bird & Jack Croft, have been put in the top 15. It’s great to see our grads enjoying such fantastic success. Well done you wonderful people!! faces to watch


jack & stacey


laila & paul




Good luck to Olivia Popica in her One Woman Show – British Souvenirs

Don’t miss, bucks ad school grad, the lovely Olivia Popica in “British Souvenirs”, her one-woman show born from a fortunate culture clash: it’s inspired by all those peculiar, yet fascinating things in the British culture that one stumbles upon when first moving over. It’s a completely fresh, upbeat and comical take, that would change the way you see the most ordinary things in your daily routine. She’ll be at The Camden Fringe in August at he Rabbit Hole – be there!!!!

Twitter: @BritSouvenirs


British Souvenirs Olivia Popica

More of Class of ’14 get great jobs!

Here are some of the success stories from last year’s grads…

Well done all!


A round of applause for Tom & Morgan – hired at WCRS

“From day one they let us get stuck into big TV briefs and pitches, we had to do the smaller stuff aswell but it was a great opportunity. We got loads of stuff through on the McCain pitch which we lost to Adam & Eve and managed to get even more through on another pitch which is yet to come back. And the work we did on those is what got us hired. It meant giving up a months worth of weekends and some nights we didn’t leave until 1am but we’ve still loved every second.’

The ‘Sophs’ aka Sophie and Sophia – hired at Iris, congrats girls!

(Here are some fond memories of Saatchi Halloween crit!)SAM_1467


And congrats to lucky Ben & Kendall – getting their dream job at Lucky General’s…Ben & Kendal


Well done, Chaaya – now Junior Strategist at AIS – hurray!!

ChaayaCongrats to Johnny and Andy – for getting Naked!

And to Rose for landing a tasty job at Cake!

Here’s Johnny!!! Here’s Rose- but where’s Andy?IMG_0056







The 1st years visit Paris – Oh la la!

The First Year Ad students had a great time in Paris with their tutor Phil just before Easter. We stayed in a really friendly hotel based in a lively, fun part of town. Everyone did lots of different things while they were there. Lots of museums and monuments were visited. Art was admired. Selfies were taken in every conceivable location around Paris.Some people did lots of window shopping, whilst the richer students went in for some real shopping.  Lots of lovely French food was eaten (snails included) and the odd glass of wine was drunk. A great time was had by all. And thanks to Bucks New Uni’s ‘Big Deal’, all it cost each student for this extravagant week away was £15. Tres bien!, indeed!

Read the diaries of Katie and Maddie below –

In one Parisien restaurant, some excited students inexplicably mistake a brown plaster column for a French chocolate dessert. It didn't taste as good as it looked!

In one Parisien restaurant, some excited students inexplicably mistake a brown plaster column for a French chocolate dessert. It didn’t taste as good as it looked!


At a mere 165 Euros, ( about £120) this chocolate Easter Bunny made the perfect gift to take home from Paris.

At a mere 165 Euros, ( about £120) this chocolate Easter Bunny made the perfect gift to take home from Paris.

The Arc de Triomphe  at night made a memorable sight for this group of happy revellers.

The Arc de Triomphe at night made a memorable sight for this group of happy revellers.

 Here’s Katie’s diary of events…

We are Ads on Tour. I’ll give you a minute to let you realise how cool that is…

Our mission: survive Paris. The ring leader: Phil.

You know it will be an interesting trip when you send twenty Creative Advertising students to a foreign country armed with insulting socks and a bald man. So, at 6.10am on the morning of Tuesday 10th March, the expedition commenced. The troops rallied together and we made our way to ‘THE TUNNEL’. It was unclear whether we would ever make it up the escalators to the train as we battled the brutal force of the Parisians, eager to return home. But we did, so do not fret.

After a long 3 hour journey on a train that looked like it should have been left in the 1950’s, we arrived. Within moments of unloading at the station, Phil’s ‘pick pocket radar’ was fully functioning. Coincidently, around 83% of the French population are thief’s. Seems legit.

We quickly dropped our bags off at the hotel and then nipped out for a stroll around Paris to get our bearings. While some chose to indulge themselves in Parisian architecture in the form of the Notre Dame, others chose to sample their first french baguette.

Our first evening was spent travelling across the city to Bruce’s favourite restaurant, Le Chartier. Feasts of snails, frogs legs, steak and wine were had by some. I can personally recommend the tomatoes. We regrouped at the hotel and then hit the town, dipping our toes into the night life of the Latin District. This was a short lived activity as the only bar that let in a group of drunken English students was offensively overpriced. Reluctantly, we slunk down the street, past Max and Lewis trying their luck with the locals and back to the hotel.

The next day we decided to split up and experience the most touristy places around: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Pompidou, art galleries, ice cream vans and the Arc De Triomphe. Having Phil on hand to pass on his wealth of knowledge proved extremely handy, as the majority of us hadn’t a clue how to say our own names in French, let alone read intellectual articles. Next on the agenda was to sample the local bars. The jazz bar, situated just around the corner proved to be a favourite. Although it didn’t play any jazz… alas, Never Have I Ever saved the day once more.

As our last day loomed ever closer, we decided to mourn in style by viewing 8 million skeletons down in the Catacombs. This proved a very chilling moment for us all as the temperature was around 7°. After the bone fights had finished, we lost ourselves in Paris, literally. A supermarket provided us with french stick, brie, soft cheese, strawberries and red wine. With this in hand, we made our way to the Luxembourg Gardens and enjoyed the most French picnic imaginable. While we basked in the delightful sunshine, the man from ‘Up’ paid us a sneaky visit.

On our final night we decided to go out as a group to an underground club. Probably becoming the most eventful evening of the trip, we adopted a traffic cone and managed to anger local Parisians, before befriending all sorts of different people who’s memories will live on with us forever. Mainly in the form of the stolen hat given to Bruce as a souvenir.

The last morning came around too quickly. With only a few hours sleep under our belts, we arose early to finish our packing. A few of us managed to make a few more stops before we left; the shocking and solemn Charlie Hebdo offices, local patisseries, and a final glance of the Eiffel Tower.

We kept high spirits on the train journey home, maybe making a few too many inappropriate remarks in ear shot of other passengers. As we arrived back in London and before we sulked off to Wycombe, we obviously had time to squeeze in one more group selfie. It was definitely four days that none of us will ever forget. I am happy to say, we all survived Paris. Mission accomplished.

Ads on Tour - the return!

Ads on Tour – the return!

and what did Maddie make of it…

Bread,Brie and Booze!

It all started with 21 pairs of socks. Obviously a great idea at the time, we thought we need some form of item of clothing to symbolise we were ‘Ads on Tour’, but being the creative bunch we are, t-shirts were a bit too cliché, so socks were the answer. Hand crafted by an innocent old lady in Scotland, she beautifully printed names such as Chananal, Ex-Slut and ToyBoy on to said socks.

So came the morning we departed and after multiple questions of ‘are we under the sea yet?’ and ‘is this the tunnel?’ we arrived in the city of love. As all good students do, the first task was to orientate ourselves with the nearest cheap bar. Our options were promising; it included a Jazz Bar round the corner, a colourful club called ‘The Chameleon’ and a place named ‘The Mazet’ whose signs were all in English. Then it was time for the ‘we’re in Paris’ Snapchats and tweets to begin. Once the necessities were out of the way sightseeing could commence. Armed with maps and cameras we began to explore.

As we wandered around Paris, attempting to take photographs that Bruce (our first year tutor) would be proud of, we quickly realised that the French Highway Code was worlds away from the tame Brit version. The standard instinct of ‘they will stop for us’ was rendered useless in this country of ‘they’ll stop if they hit you… maybe’. Phil (second year tutor) marched ahead while we trotted behind like puppies trying not to get run over.

Eager to please Bruce we visited his favourite restaurant on the first night, only questioning our devotion to our tutor after we each stole a menu for him. We then experienced our first night out in Paris and the French attitude towards British students. After being turned away from multiple bars we did not let this faze us and so we powered on through the night, making our own fun, with games such as ‘let’s see who looks French enough to make it past the doorman’ – Max won. Once we’d conquered the doors, the next feat to overcome was ordering. After briefly scanning the prices, we promptly left.

Sightseeing was a little more successful. Quickly grasping the metro system we all agreed that it wasn’t as coordinated as London’s. After visiting all the ‘must-sees’ such as the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Pompidou, the Catacombs were next on the agenda. I highly do not recommend this if skeletons aren’t your thing, as you certainly do get €8 worth of bones.

The events of the last night are yet to be confirmed, as we were unable to find a reliable source that could account accurately for the whole night. But what video proof does show is Max and Lewis scaled the roof of the hotel, making a new friend in the process; a traffic cone was turned into a microphone, upsetting a small Parisian lady who need to be up at 8am; and Harriet had an unfortunate fall off her bed, this was captured on video and will probably haunt her for the rest of her years at university.

As a right of passage into Creative Advertising at Bucks we survived 4 days in Paris, enduring €1.80 wine and realisation we should’ve listened more in GCSE French. Returning back to the UK with French sticks and Brie I feel it is safe to say we have left our mark.

Bucks Ad school leaves it's mark in Paris - gosh - looks like Phil to me!

Bucks Ad school leaves it’s mark in Paris – gosh – looks like Phil to me!



Thanks TMW for a great day of creative thinking!


IMG_0547 IMG_0548 IMG_0549 IMG_0551So here we have from top to bottom – the lovely Rob Loyd, the delectable Frankie Brook, the dashing Dale James and that cheeky Lisa Morris – all grads from 2014 and now in the employ of TMW – thanks to Daren (Head of Innovation) and Gareth (Creative Director). and they all came back this year for another session of creative and innovative thinking. A big thank you to all of you for giving your time and energy to the Bucks 3rd years – they loved their day with you and learned masses!!!