Campaign’s Faces to Watch 2015 – Bucks’ teams Paul & Laila and Jack & Stacey!

This week’s campaign celebrates the biggest young talent in the advertising industry – this year Karmarama creative team, Laila Milborrow & Paul Pearson and 4Creative team, Stacey Bird & Jack Croft, have been put in the top 15. It’s great to see our grads enjoying such fantastic success. Well done you wonderful people!! faces to watch


jack & stacey


laila & paul




Steve Henry

The Second year’s year kicked off with two briefs set by the advertising legend, Steve Henry. The Briefs were quite open, with the brands of each one being Warburtons and Motorola. This brief, and the consequent solutions, were all about raw ideas; good old tissue session material. If you’d like to look further into our crazy solutions, why not follow the link to Steve Henry’s blog here.

Or if you’re far too lazy for that, here’s a couple of highlights:


  • Warburtons bread smelling spray: good for when your house is on the market.
  • Crusts are meant to make your hair curly, so why not sell the crustiest bread in the shampoo section of supermarkets?



  • Motorola-When you have a smart phone you are always accessible. Why not have an in built system in your Motorola which kicks in on weekends and evenings when people send you a message, sending a reply saying – “I’m not at work right now. If that’s a problem for you, you may need to think about your values a bit more.”
  • Motoroaming- make disposable 2nd phones you take on holiday, which you won’t mind losing. These travel ones would have unbeatable, cheap rates.