New Blood 2017 – Bucks winners!!

Ellis & Max receive a Graphite Pencil for their Mubi campaign ‘Less Time Wasting, More Time Watching’.

Tommy, Sherwin & Conrad; Max receive a Yellow Pencil for their Army campaign ‘Show Yourself’.

The New Blood Festival went extremely well – with lots of interest in the graduating students. Four of the students, Sam & King, Ellis & Max, won ‘Ones To Watch’ Awards

Sam & Kinga’s Tampax campaign

Tommy, Max & Ellis win D&AD New Blood Pencils – we just have to wait ’til July to find out which pencil!

Third-year Creative Advertising students Max Gibson, Ellis King, and Tommy Lai have been shortlisted for the D&AD New Blood Awards for new and emerging talent, in London on 6 July. Max and Ellis were in the Mubi category and Tommy in The Army category, with each putting together proposed coordinated advertising campaigns. The winning students receive different coloured pencils, depending on the award they achieve.

See Max & Ellis’ work

See Tommy’s work

Emily & Charlie tell us about life and internships…

Lovely to see Emily and Charlie – who have just finished a 6 month stint at Jack Morton – who create experiences that connect brands to the people who matter most to them. Find out more at

Thank you for coming and sharing your stories – and for reviewing the D&AD and YCN competition work.

They are just about to start their second internship at Pretty Green – good luck girls!

Advertising graduates inspire all new students at Bucks Welcome!!!

Students enjoyed a talk and an interactive presentation from Creative Advertising graduates Adam Collins and Mark Campion, of ad agency J. Walter Thompson London, during Bucks Welcome, a week of activities and events to give students a rounded introduction to university life.

Bucks Welcome Sep 2015 042Adam and Mark, who studied at the University from 2003-2006, are part of the creative team at JWT, were put on the board in 2013, and are in charge of placements and hiring junior creatives.

The pair have won a Centurion Award from NABS, which supports people working in the advertising and media industries, for their work with students and graduates, as well as charities.

During their time studying at Bucks, the pair won  won a coveted award for students creatives from the well-respected D&AD New Blood Awards, and were hired by interactive agency Razorfish after impressing while still studying at the University.

Mark said: “The Bucks Welcome has been a great chance for us to come back to Bucks and share a little bit of our experience to hopefully inspire the students.

“We believe that if you work hard and are driven and passionate and really want it you can achieve whatever you want and be very successful.

“When we were studying at Bucks we went into London on weekends, to do work or to meet people in the industry – all to gain experience and develop connections.

“The tutors on the course put us into contact with people in the industry and we went from there. University sets the stage but you have to go out and make the most of it. Adam and I actually knew each other before we came to Bucks, we’ve studied together and now we have ended up working together and it’s all going well.”

The pair, both from the North East, have been nicknamed Ant & Dec and based their interactive presentation, “Adam & Mark’s Monday Morning Creataway”, on the programme, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, inviting students to take part.

Mark added: “It was a fun way to get some key points across about how we feel you can develop your career.” Bucks Welcome Sep 2015 028

It’s Tomato Award time from Alex Taylor!


Thanks Alex, for a great art direction master class – such brilliant award-winning work and great advice. The winners of the Tomato Award were Jake and Joe (below). With runners up Will and Caroline.

Bucks 3rd years are treated to a Creative Detox from Mandy Wheeler!

The Creative Detox.

Odd turn of phrase, yes, especially hearing it so early in on the year. A detox from being creative? A break? We’ve just come back, surely that defeats the purpose of everything we’re doing right now?

Whatever our feelings were of it before, they changed as the day progressed. There we stood wearing our baggy bottoms, loose tops, and skepticism on overdrive as we all wondered exactly why we sat stiffly on the floor like nursery children before story time. It wouldn’t matter soon after. Mandy Wheeler arrived, and we kissed our fleeting doubt goodbye.

She was right. We all needed a detox. We were forcing our inner creative out, bending and changing them to fit rules and regulations we placed on ourselves. It turned simple exercises like pointing at objects and giving them different names, akin to doing nuclear bomb detonation blind.

‘The people that find this the most hard are the creative.’ She said, ‘They’re too busy trying to be creative, because that’s what they have to be. But that’s not how it works. The minute you free yourself from what you think being creative is, you’ll find yourself being better at it.’

I won’t trudge the details on too much, but what she said was basically this: everyone is creative, it’s a natural thing within all of us. But we are young creatives going into a competitive field with our own personal perceptions of what should and shouldn’t be done. This limits our ability to come up with new ideas and hinders our ability to create.

We all want to be funny, and different, and unique, and new, and original, and inspiring, and envied, and thought of as brilliant. But sometimes striving so hard to be those things is limiting. The world according to Mandy? Free yourself from what you must do, and just go on and do it.

We spent the day exploring this simple yet foreign theory of hers. And again, she was right. Everything was easier when you just set yourself free to do and say as you pleased. It was more than advice. It was stone cold truth served up with psychological evidence to boot.

But it wasn’t just the importance of opening yourself up to everything and anything. A little less than halfway through the day we discovered the brilliance of offering and bouncing off of ideas through the power of basic improvisation. According to Mandy, it’s one thing to just make ideas, but it’s another to keeping them flourishing.

Two words: ‘Yes And’. All of us were coming up with ideas faster than we knew we could. Like a snowball down an icy hill, building up on imagination, fun and acceptance to grow. Sure, sounds cheesy as all hell, but it works.

Again, as before, with meticulous accuracy she explained how being susceptible to an idea and just rolling with it was a better way to be solve a problem. Opening yourself to the possibility of more is just as important as the initial start of an idea.

We did this part in groups, and watching all of us lose our self-imposed inhibitions we’ve been nursing since the first year was a sight. One of the exercises was pulling things out of an imaginary box and responding to your partner’s observations. Again something so simple, but it managed to be something so hard.

But we pulled through and, though I can’t speak for everyone, I can say I felt like a weight I never knew I lugged around was removed from my person. It was more than just a radical one day workshop. It was eye opening.

You’d think being a creative 24/7 would be easier being us. I’m calling it for me. I was blind by my conception of it all, but now I feel freer to just create.

That’s what it’s all about anyway.


Thanks Mandy. Julie-Ann Robertson




Ben & Kendal’s very own NonD&AD Unofficial Exhibition

Will they be allowed to stay??

Bucks’ decided to do their own show at Karmarama this year – so New Blood wasn’t on the cards – Ben & Kendal decided to do their own exhibition right next to the entrance! Would they be allowed to stay?

And what did security say – stay put or eviction???

Security said stay! Great position to get lots of attention from passing industry folk!

Well done guys!